3months kid with neck lesions since one month. kindly opine for diagnosis and treatment



Yes intertrigo mostl candiasis keep clean and dry the area dust with candid powder daily and candid oint twice daily.if lesion is oozing than add proper antibiotcs.

Thanx dr Salim Merchant

Intertrigo Cefixime drop and state drops orally. Clean area with diluted betadine lotion apply Calosoft lotion locally. Keep area clean and Dry covered with sterile gauge.

Thanks Dr Salim.

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Candidial intertrigo. Rx Keep the area clean and dry and we'll ventilated. Topical application of clotrimazole dusting powder. Topical application of Terbinafine cream.

Intertrigo Zole F cream for LA Flucos dusting powder for LA Keto soap Keep dry s& clean Head extend position & open afected area No need Antibiotics (I think)

@Dr. Abdul Hameed Ansari thanks why steroids?

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Tnx Dr Ashok Leel sir

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Intertrigo Keep the part dry.. Atarax syrup orally. Calosoft lotion+mild steroids locally

Candidal intertrigo . Candid b ointment for local application 4 times daily add zinc .

Staphylococcal Intertrigo. SALINE soaks + Oral Azithromycin for 10 days

Intertrigo with predominant fungal n staph infection

@Dr. Minesh Bhikadiya -candidial intertrigo

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