3nd half year old dysmorphic child , having low set ear, proturted tongue , hypertelorism, complain of swelling over skull ( anterior fontanelle ) for last 6month non tender ,non progressive in nature suggest diagnosis regarding dysmorphism nd his swelling history' of noisy breathing present since birth , work up done for choanal atresia also presently no complain of noisy breathing



CROUZAN'S SYNDROME Dysmorphic facies + Craniosynostosis + Hypertelorism + Lowset ears + Protruded tongue +

Crouzon syndrome

-crouzan's SYNDROME

Hypo thyroidism

D/d down's syndrome Crouzon Cri du chat

Crouzan’s. Syndrome Also known as craniofascial dysostosis. It is a genetic disease.caused usually by mutation of FGFR2 gene on chromosome 10. Clinically patient will have misshapen head due to early closing of sutures wide bulging eyes due to small orbit. Low set ears beak shaped nose etc. maxilla is hypo plastic with protruding chin. Treatment in a well organised cranifacil unit with multiple surgeries is required

Seems to be a cease of Crouzons syndrome if no limb abnormalities are present Crouzon syndromes patient’s are more prone for raised ICP for which evaluation is required- fundus examination and Plano CT Management is complex with team comprising of Neurosurgeon, OMFS & Reconstructive Surgeon and will require NCCT bone window is skull including thin cuts while face with 3D reconstruction to correctly assess the bony abnormalities includind craniosynostosis for surgical planning

Sir ,agree with u but presently child is totally asymptomatic except larg buldge over fontanelle Nd this present since 5month , what would be the cause of this

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Crouzan's syndrome?

Crouzan's syndrome?

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?Crouzon Syndrome

Agree with you doctor
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