3yr old male child weighing 11kg C/o- Acute onset fever with nausea and 1 episode of vomiting and generalised rash which disappear on blanching.. Baby crying... refusal to feeds... No any other symptoms... No any Comorbidity... No history of travel in last 1 month No history of any epidemic in his residence... No family member ia ill since last many months... O/E 101.8°f HR 122 RR 32 RS aebe clear CVS s1s2 NAD U and M NAD Rx Syp paracetamol125mg/5ml 7ml stat Syp.Ondem 5ml stat Syp.Cefixime 5ml stat Cold sponging for 15min.. Referred to pediatrician immediately... What should be Dd dx rx...???



looks like viral fever with rashes , rule out dengue by investigations ,is the child vaccinated fr measles? Caladryl lotion fr rashes ,antihistamines can be added to ur RX .since there is refusal of feeds n crying I would prefer to give inj phenergan 1ml stat

Measles Vaccine received... No itching mam....

It's a viral exanthem . just symptomatic treatment. In dengue typical is petechiae which won't disappear on pressure. Though it can cause generalised rash like this since it's also a viral etiology

Please do CBC, also ns1ag in this season, most common cause may be vital never with exanthema, continue your treatment and follow up the baby.

Viral fever with exanthema.


It's a case of viral exanthem. Just symptomatic treatment.

Enteroviruses inf , CBC, dd dengue, chikungunya, inf mononucleosis, drugs, symptoms tret, monitor, basic lab work up.

It's a viral fever with rash.. Reassurance.. Also rule out dengue

Based on the appearance of rash, other symptoms and vitals, it appears to be a case of type 1 hypersensitivity (allergy). Use antihistamines and moderate pedia dose of steroids. Also check for airway patency periodically. Although Dengue can be ruled out, but rash is more patchy and urticarial while it is diffuse in dengue and also fever is generally high grade in Dengue

viral exanthem

Rx:1)syp vomikind ( 2mg/5ml) 3.5 ml bd 2)syp calpol (250mg/5ml) 3.5 ml bd 3)calamine lotion for la If no improvement do blood investigations

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