3yr old malunion 35yr male patient treatment plans???



excision of ends, debridement, opening of medullary canal. compression plating with autogenous cancellous bone graft. radiologically looks like pseudoarthrosis.

Hypertrophic non union both bones forearm Open reduction Freshening of fracture ends Opening of medullary canal Compression plating Shavings obtained from the fracture ends can be used as bone graft

freshning is most important step keep both the bones open simultaneously do freshning of both check approximation of both fragments simultaneously then fix it one by one

what is the ROM? if it is in functional range what the patient wants? if he wants the movement to be increased, ORIF freshening of both ends and fix with DCP with bone graft. ensure to maintain the length and rotation.

ORIF curettage opening of medullary canal locking plates bone grafting

Open reduction and internal fixation.

open reduction internal fixation with plating bone grafting

It is nonunited fracture along with deformity. You will have to freshen fractures of both bones, shorten them, correct deformities and compression plating with bone grafting.:-) Biggest issue will be soft tissue pliabilty.

he was with this hand for 3 years!!!!!!!!incredible......

only treatment option is as explained by dr.sameer

Mal united Fracture of Humerus Rx Open reduction IM nailing

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