3yrs old girl presented with U/L swelling neck with high grade fever .. swelling is tender on touch, immobile, nonfluctuant, no association with deglutation.. Diag and Mx



Neck swelling is the lymphadenitis or secondary to infection oropharynx or surrounding area may be due to Tonsil infection or any infection of throat. Mumps Middle ear infection Dental infection Tuberculous lymphadenitis Ludwig'angina Antibiotic broad spectrum Anti inflammatory Analgesic Blood for complete examination MT test USG.

Adenoids infection is also common in childrens in addition to above.

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Seems to be an inflammatory swelling. Acute submandibular lymphadenitis Acute sialoadenitis Mumps is unlikely. Get an U SG done. Give amoxyclav,anti inflammatory drugs. Try to find out the focus of infection and localisation.


A case of submandibular lymphadenitis with could be due viral infection, tonsillitis , pharyngitis, dental infection, Needs,Amoxyclav- a higher dose for more than 10 days , NSAIDS

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Mumps Submandibular lymphadenitis Antibiotics,Anti inflammatory,Multiviamins Warm liquid foods to avoid chewing. Give small piece of Lemon to suck to increase salivary gland secretions .

Normal Saline Gargles with normal Saline, betadine, chlorhexidine mouth wash & regular brushing the teeth ensuring oral hygein will control infection.


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Look for any infection in the throat. Mumps but high fever doesn't fit in . Parotitis. Infection of submandibular gland. Actualy pt. Needs to be seen . For temp.start on antibiotics and paracetamol.

Submandibular Lymphadenopathy acute in nature. Bacterial, Do CBC with PS. For comments. Can start Amoxiclavi combination orally for 7days with Antiinflamatory.

D/d 1 acute submandibular lymphadinitis 2 could be parotiditis but not convinced

Submandibular lymph adeinitis CBC esr xray chest montoux test 5 day sy aug sy combiflam sos fnac

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