4 yrs old male child c /o cough cold and fever s 5 days....? chest deformity ...plz x ray finding. .



skeletal abnormality scoliosis associated with lt sided ribs fusion and apparently absent ribs consequently.... ie 2nd & 3rd ribs fused so third appear missing and same fr 3rd & 4th rib so 3rd appear missing...

read 3rd 4th as 4th 5th in last line...

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CXR film in Rotation. Congenital deformity on left side of Thoracic cavity, Left side Ribs are Thick & Malformed, looks like only 9 in number. Scoliosis noticed. C.T chest more informative. Syndromic child. Look for other Malformations too.

thanks sooo much sir

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Kyphoscoliotic deformity . So rotation of heart is seen . Absence of ribs on lt side or there may be crowding of ribs on lt side. Rt hilum prominency . Lymphadenopathy or pneumonitis ?

Skeletal deformity left chest... Ribs are fused to each other.. Congenital deformity.

There are hemivertebra and vertebral defects resulting in field defects and hence there is missing ribs . Child may not require any intervention as long as there is no paradoxical breathing and recurrent chest infections .

Rule out fallot's tetrology.

thanks sir

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also xray doesn't look like cyanotic heart.. no oligaemia..

Scoliosis with few ribs missing on left side with chest infection

Fusion of ribs or absence of lt 4,5 ribs

Sorry dr but whyFallots... its left side absence of ribs with right side patchy infiltration...

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