40 Y/M C/O : Multiple nodulous lesions all over the body including ear lobules, extremities, face, back, Abdomen etc. for 3 months H/O : Took homeopathic medicines for limb paralysis 1 year ago as he states;Allergic to eggs, Jack fruit, Prawns etc ;No pain or paraesthesia on Lesion sites. O/E : Sensation preserved, tender and thickned nerve at Right Elbow, Vision normal with no lag ophthalmous, No deformity /Ulceration /Cracks at hands and feet. Diagnosis and management?



Multibacillay Hansen's disease 1.Inquire about close cotacts. 2.Biopsy of the skin or by detecting the DNA using PCR. 3.Treatment for MB Hansen is with medicines Dapsone,Rifampicin n Clofazimine for 12 months. 4.Multidrug therapy MDT is highly effective

hansens ds LL type go for slit smear examination start MDT-MB adult and continue for 12 consecutive months counsel the patient. give tablet containing methylcobalamin and pregabaline

Already started MB Leprosy regimen.

Hansen's disease


Hansen's disease

Histoid hansens

Cutaneous neufibroma -originate in nerves In the skin, blood test for protein melanoma inhibitory activity may be used to detect it. Treatment is surgical removal unless and until it pain, or mostly ACE inhibitors, and chemotherapy.

Coper color skin of hand. Multinodular leprosy. Biopsy of suitable nodule. Examine close relatives.

Borderline hansen without lose of sensation

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