40 year old male, history of Right Tibio-fibular fracture on 28th June, followed by altered sensorium the next day. No head trauma. No history of fever, breathlessness or any cutaneous manifestations. On examination, GCS 3/15. Pupils bilaterally normal. Saturation 95% Room Air, BP 100/70. Systemic examination essentially normal. Diagnosis?



Probably thrombo-embolic phenomenon bcz of fracture and DVT.

? fat embolism, but most commonly lung affected. ct brain to be done

probably it's fat embolism


Fat Embolism Syndrome

? fat embolism

fat embolism

Fat embolism is the only cause as recent h/o Fracture,no other cause

thanks for sharing this interesting case sir. it appears to be a case of a fat embolism following both bone #

fat embolism - cerebral infarct

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