40 year old patient presented with Painless White patches on Dorsal Tongue surface for the past 1 month, according to him, he used antifungals and antibiotics but it didn’t work on him. What is your diagnosis approach?

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Speckled leukoplakia Hyperkeratosis Advice biopsy and confirm Tell to maintain proper oral hygiene

Leukoplakia rt side of tongue Confirm by Biopsy

Tnx Dr Arvind Jha

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Oral Leukoplakia oral prophylaxis and treatment according antifungal antibiotics futher evaluation need biopsy to be done

Mostly it’s an Oral Thrush ? Oral Lichen planus Not to worry/hurry Rule out for Diabetes n HIV infection. Rx. Cap itrac’zole 200 mg EOD Tab Sporidex 500 mg BID Oral Candid lotion local app It takes bit time may b 2-3 weeks Oral hygiene is must, periodicalllybchek n see that not effecting the trachea/esophagus.

Needs further investigations and evaluation to conclude diagnosis and line of treatment. Improve general health and oral hygiene. Multivitamins and antioxidants orally. Clean area with diluted betadine lotion regularly and gently till reports complied.

Thanks Dr Aishwarya Singh

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Coated tongue with white patch of candiasis Rx clotrimazole +kenacort gel frequently Oral antibiotics tab azithromycin500mg 1od Tab flucanazole 200mg 1od Multivitamins supplements avoid aggravating factors like tobacco chewing gutka etc

Thanx dr Pushkar Bhomia

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Oral thrush DD Leukoplakia SMEAR from the lesion, biopsy will confirm In the meanwhile, Flucanazole, 150 mg ,OD ,with Clotrimazole mouth oral application can be tried Can be checked for HIV and STD .

Leukoplakia on dorsal and right lateral border of tongue Check for the sharp cusp Rule out the cause confirm with biopsy Adv. Multivitamins and zinc supplements

May be leucoplakia go for biopsy and start treatment as advised by dr shivraj agarwal sir

Agree with@Pushker Bhomia it's oral leukoplakia of tongue

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