40 years old lady comes to me for dressing of the operation after I & D of the boil at the injection site I've given a single dose of CALE 200 & performed dressing with routine BETADINE pls suggest the further Mx thank u

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Don't play with anybody's life for money....refer to a surgeon FOR PROPER DEBIDMENT & ANTIBIOTIC COVER* slightest mistake and she develops osteomyelitis. RULE out DM...Let them do their bit...then you try your gimmicks @Dr. L.m. Patel @Dr. M V Subramanyam @Dr. Subhendu Dhara

Yes Dear Rajan sir. Agreed to your opinion

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Healthy Wound. Do proper Calendula +Echinacea washing. Thuja 1m single dose. Further intercurrent remedy nedded. Well sterile dressing pad with calendula ointment daily. It will take time to recover completely near about a month... So inform them to have patience.

Any other symptoms present in patient . If there any symptoms of septicemia or fever u can think of pyrogenium. Calendula is best remedy but for dressing please use calendula ointment. It will definitely heal

Thanks for your bravery. Yea,these cases demands courage with judicious decision making. So far as the ulcer is concerned your prescription should be ACID NITRIC 6, 2-3 doses in fractional potency( 6 globs. in 60 ml.water and 10 succussion to be given before dispensing) + External Calendula Q, dressing(if no foul odour emits) or Baptisia Q ( if foul odour emits) Before that give her TT injection. Do it for 7 days and post your report here.

Superficially pricked injection is the cause for abscess, again I&D was not properly done that why it has become open wound, it may take time to heal completely if necessary skin grafting may be necessary as the spot is big in size so better refer to a surgeon as the wound being in healthy stage. Check for DM too. One accessory management through food is ask her to take sprouted beans regularly it is capable to regrow the skin.

I expected this honest answer from you...@Dr. J Kavitha


CALENDULA dressing is the best option rather BETADINE.

Hello rahul u have to debride the slough remove the sepsis from body. Wound having granulation tissue I think ur medicine may work well

Well said!!

I had managed same types of 10/15 pts. I/ d best option with slint inserted till full abscess , infective material wash out ( slint means long ribbon like bandage with Bernadine or Calendula Q application ) 4/5 days slint inserted Then regularly alternative dressing Better results No complications

Great sir, But simply hearing from you we can't perform this as we are not experienced hand. If under your assistance it will be non-messy.

Silicea 30 thrice daily Will heal up the wound in 3--4.days. Dressing with calendula Q advisable.

Total two doses of calendula 200 & two doses of stephysegria 30 c have been given by me.....additionally allopathic antibiotics & analgesics are also continued to avoid any risk to recovery

Good decision of continued antibiotics sir!
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