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metoprolol vs propanolol which one is best for tachycardia?

40 years old lady with c/o ghabrahat since last 2 month On examination Her blood pressure normal Spo2 97% Heart rate- 120 b/mnt Cvs CNS rs wnl All her investigations are wnl CBC lipid Profile thyroid function test liver function test blood sugar level urine all reports are normal Ecg shows sinus tachycardia Physician started met XL 12.5 and amitriptyline But still she is having c/o ghabrahat And her heart rate is 125 What should I do? Seniors plz guide


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Sinus tachycardia Due to Anxiety Neurosis Cap Betacap T R 40 mg BD

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May increase the dose of betablokers. Consider anxiolytics. Evaluate for MVP. See the TSH level in view of subclinical hyperthyroidism.

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Sinus tachycardia Due to Anxiety Neurosis Cap Betacap T R 40 mg BD

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Cardiac neurosis. Clonazepam tab sub lingual.

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You can give propranolol 20mg + clonazepam 0.5mg bed time. Counselling should be given to manage anxiety.

Plz refer the case to Psychiatrist when we start Clonazepam

Thyroid profile T3T4 TSH Assurance and psychotherapy Propranolol 40 OD Alprazolam .25 mg in the morning and Clonafit plus HS Tab Methylcobalamin OD

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If all is normal, put her on ciplar LA 20 BD

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Past history and mentals should be taken. It may help.

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Antim-tart, iod

Consider as psychiatrist advice May Anxious patient Need councilling

In this case give propranolol 40mg

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