40 yr male, c/o multiple abcess in rt perianal region , discharge, pain, since 1 year.. suggest plz dx n rx



Sir multiple anorectal fistula... Rule out first int.opening by probe mathod and fistulogram.... TT..kstt WD necessary investigation is ideal TT for such cases. Thanks for sharing such a nice case@Dr. Ravi Thorat sir

Thnk for ur suggestion sir ...Int opening @ 6 o clock... Planned for sx sir

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It looks like fistula.Full case taking to find out correct Constitutional remedy!!! Start with Silicea 12x TDs 4 tab dissolved in 1/4 the cup of lukewarm water., till discharge stopped.Regular dressing is required.

Haa sir Lekin Rhus Tox ke baad

Multiple opening of bhagabdara, ks ligation is must,

Yes sir, thnx for suggestion

@Dr.A.K.Srivastava. Anorectal fistula. Àcid Nitric mày be helpful. Thanks

Constitutional homoeopathic treatment may effective

Go with Fistulogram and go with KS Ligation, Ideal case for KS Management

Bhagndar 1.KS ligation 2.Triphala gugulu125mg +Sphatic bhasma 250mg+Avipttikar churna 2g+Arogyabardhani vati 125mg BD with Abhyaristha 20ml 3.Panchsakar churna 5gm HS Advice Do nd Don't


Bhagandar Silitia

Rhus Tox 10M - 3 dose TDS one day Watch and wait

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