40 yr old male pt comes with h/o fever since 10 days. USG - moderate splenomegaly. Plt count - 87000. How to approach this cas ?



Pts should be admitted as platelet is too low and fever for 10days Give it fluids and symptomatic Investigate for CBC psmp dengue

advice to investigate qbc for MP, widal, CBC, to rule out the cause. 10days history of fever, splenomegaly, thrombocytopenia, confirms probably Malaria. dengue patient may under go dengue shock syndrome if he is suffering from dengue for 10 days.

viral syndrome rule out dengue liver enzymes slightly raised treat with adequate fluids 6 hourly inj zofer 8 mg tds syp mucaine gel 2 tsf tds before meals t.udiliv 300mg bd check haematocrit and platelet daily liquid or semisolid diet monitor closely buccal cavity any rash ask the pt to see his urine and stool colour snd any gum bleeding

1st investigate for malaria nd dengue..no need to panic ...give him lots fluid,no I /m injection

Admit and Monitor.

RL I.V. With M.V.I. Original and DNS with Eldervit injection + ondasteron if feels vomit + Aciloc I.V.

Avoid inj aciloc due to thrombocytopenia. Prefer inj.panta.

hey amit gt dengue n pf pv ag done..till den treat with iv fluids n pct

Platelet count is low...dengue fever

Pt admit and monitor...

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Dengue fever

Without Dengue test how can be sure

Treat as viral fever ,plenty of iv fluid and symtomatic treatment as required

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