40 yrs male with puffiness n DOE. O / E - chest b / L besal crepts plz diagnose and treatment



P pulmonale sugestive of cor pulmonale secondary to COPD..tk history of smoking..also dere z poor progression of R waves.. for diagnosis tk history, do PFT..

Cor pulmonale secondary to COPD

p pulmonale with poor r progression with inverted p in III. cor pulmonale progressing to LV involvement and pulmonary edema.I.V. diuretics to maintain systolic below 110mmhg immediately if the patient is in acute respiratory distress later evaluate with echo n x ray. Maintain him on oral di uretics with inhalant salbutamol ipratroprium bromide and farmeterol etc

Kindly explain demonstrate p pulmonale

P pulmonale on ecg...get echo done..just remember that any chest infection may precipitate chf in patients of COPD and cor pulmonale... bilateral create may be due to 1. heart failure if fine crept. 2.bronchiectesis if coarse.... treat with antibiotic and low dose diuretic

RAD P pulmonale Low voltage ecg Copd

It's a case of cor pulmonale with COPD.

Sinus tachycardia,RAD, Rt Atrial enlargement, poor r progression, Low voltage tracing.

p pulmonale....r/o underlying lung disease,2d echo,pft,cxr.

P pulmonale

P pulmonale.low voltage ECG

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