40 yrs old Patient came with aextraoral and Intraoral Painful swelling in his left upper and lower 1st Molar region , with overgrowth of buccal gingiva. History of similar lesion 1 yrs back, was excised but again Regrowth occured. No medical history. No habit. Pt shows deep class 2 caries in 36, upper molars seem good. Calculus ++ present. suggest the Diagnosis.



RCT with crown is needed wrt 36 and deep Scaling. Check for TFO and plunger cusp ) see if Occlusal forces are concentrated more on 26 and 36. Advice CBCT of 2nd quadrant since there's history of the same.

It's not fruit it's from that side

RCT with lower molar .. clearly seen pdl widening... Clear bone loss seen with upper 6 7 8 ... I think there is mobility with upper 8 .. it's happening bcz patient might not eating fruit that side .. so do through subgingival scaling with antibiotic coverage that must include metrogyl ..betadiene gargle and metro Digi gel application... It might be possible you have to extract upper 8 ..after doing upper scaling please repeat it after 2 week..so to insure no remaining debris ...

Eating fruit from that side ??? Does it make such changes, I am not aware.

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Tab.augmentin625.Tab.zerodol sp .metrogyl400 ppl. Cap rxplus .oralprophilaxis rct respectivecariousteeth

The Most important and basic thing is to encourage and motivate the patient to improve his oral hygiene..Reoccurrence of such lesions indicates lack of care from the patients side as we can see lot of calculus deposition..Proper oral hygiene instructions should be instructed that includes mouthwashes etc after flap surgery or deep debridement procedures

True. Thanks doc

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Pyogenic granuloma. Does it bleed? Can you reflect it. Deep scaling, excision of granuloma

Scaling and root planing. Flap surgery. Rct in 36

Need scaling and root planing and RCT irt 36..

Rct in 36..Oral prophylaxis should be done..

Thank you. Are such kind of swellings always painful , and di they recur

Need Deep scaling n root planing, Flap surgery better if done by Lazer , if it occuring again it means some of tissues are still intact dat has to b removed completely. For lower 36 international RCT is required

What about upper molar’s gingival growth??

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