FNAC breast

40y/f C/o Bloody nipple discharge FNAC breast done To rule out intraductal papilloma




cell clusters appear very cohesive. individual cells hard to make out. Cytology appears like benign proliferative breast disease. If lesion palpable biopsy suggested. To correlate with radiology. If not practical a further discharge if it occurs may be subjected for a paraffin block study for better delineation

Thank you doctor

Papillary neoplasm... Fibrocystic change Epitheliosis Sug.imprint smear from nipple dsch Mammography If breast lump...bx If no lump...microdochectomy...bx

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Papillary clusters of benign ductal cells seen.benign intraductal papilloma

Cellular fibroadenoma

Duct papilloma

Ductal papilloma

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papillary neoplasm

Thank you doctor

Papillary neoplasm

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