40years of female reported early morning in my private clinic with palpitations & chest discomfort. Her BP..120/80mmHg. Tachycardia above +-180beats /minute. No h/o COPD or Asthma Thyroid Profile done one month back by a junior colleagues is normal. I did some manures like pressing eye balls/Carotid pressure & like wise patient stable now.. Prescribed some relevant medications with further referral to a cardiologist but patient refuses but is convinced to report to cardiologist Patient stable is poor & has no option to go to a Cardiology check up.But prefers my consultation only For junior friends what is diagnosis What manual were performed by me if you too encounter in emergencies... What are the drugs in common use for such conditions? Kindly justify.



Rhythm strip show initially SVT followed by S.rhythm T wave inversion in inf leads & v2 to v6 Echo must There may be Cardiomyopathy Or some stractural abnormality If Echo normal than needs Holter

It is PSVT ..vagal manures done if haemodynamic stable.if reverted put on medication b blockers..If vagal manures failed give Adenosine 6 mg Iv bolus fast or dilzem ..If haemodynamic unstable go for dc cardioversion with 50 -100 j of shok

Oculocardiac reflex or Aschner reflex and vagal maneuver to decrease heart rate when it is too high Anterio inferior wall ischemia

PSVT with anterior wall MI

PSVT Vagal stimulation meneuvres have normalized the rhythm. Otherwise adinosine IV will be needed .. Arrow head T in inferior and chest leads. ? HOCM , CAD Needs cardiac evaluation, ECHO , CTM ,Holter monitor.

ECG psvt.Needs further cardiac evaluation. Echo, TMT.

Psvt.... Adenosine 6mg iv with 10ml saline flush.... Next dose 12 mg iv with 10 ml flush...

Reverted to normal sinus Rythm.

PSVT with ischemic changes. Advised Echo, X Ray chest and cardiac enzymes.

a case suffering from PMS. .

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