vitiligo skin

40years old man came with complaints of whitish discolouration of skin and peeling of silvery patch skin since more than three years. he is not a diabetic / HTN, not other complaints. this skin lesion first appeared on both forelegs then chest region, not having itching, burning, secretion and pain. for this he took treat under Family physician for two years there is no improvement. what could be the Diagnosis and Rx?? is it psoriasis??



Though it looks like vitiligo Few points r going against it. no burning sensation Redness increase s in sunlight. h/o peeling of silvery skin. So better to send skin biopsy. Wait till u receive the reports Tt as per reports. already pt has taken Tt for 2 yrs.


Vitiligo not psoriasis

vitiligo , do rule out hypothyroidism



it's vitiligo. give amla,bringharaj, pomegranate fruit, and triphala chooranam. externally bringharaj oil.

vitiligo,NBUVB radiation/trioxalen therapy with sun exposure,topical tacrolimus ointment application can help

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