40yr old with lesion over face for past 3 months. non itchy. diagnosis and management?



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Excellent descriptive answer by Dr. Avitus Prasad sir..It is a atypical case n would like to know final diagnosis after complete history taking from Dr.Avitus sir.

Facial angiofibroma

Dd Multiple warts/Verucca vulgaris Neurofibrimatosis Nodular Acne with seborrhoic dermatitis

Dr deepak I think history is wrong it can't be 3 months. Are there any lesions in the ears. The closest is Angiofibromas Next is Trichoepithelioma, rarely Darier's disease. Give me any other findings after reading about the DDs I have given and see if fits your case

I ll ask the duration clearly in the next followup sir.. ears were not involved sir.

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Dr Deepak 1. It's not basal cell CA as the lesions look lobulated and don't have a defined border. 2. It's not Nodular acne because there is no sign of inflammation, there are no comedones or cysts, If you feel the lesions they will be soft and velvety. 3. Its not neurofibromatosis because the lesions are grouped in close proximity and involving only the paranasal area which is highly unlikely in NF. 4. Its not Verrucae or Warts as the lesions are lobulated and shiny, in warts it will have finger like projections plus they won't have groups of smaller lesions rather aggregate and form a larger lesion.

Great deliberation.

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Tuberous sclerosis

? Tuberous sclerosis

These look like angiofibromas

Basal cell ca

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