Can we reverse pathological changes in body through homeopathy,if yesorno,give some example ?

Every Clinical symptom reflects an underlying pathology. Our remedies even if indicated have certain range, depth & pace of action and can't help if the pathology goes beyond the limit. Can be Cross -check by Kent's observations. Pathological rubrics in Kent's rep : Tumor , Cancer , Stricture , Fistula , Astigmatism , Hydrocephalus etc etc..
We can't reverse the case but we can manage the case, but in these cases physician should be "wise, keen observer" .
Yes,A patient on dialysis due to retroperitoneal fibrosis pressing the ureters completely cured by homeopathy.No fibrosis now
Dear madam,then cancer,leukemia,cataract.,liver failure,club foot,neural defects,ankylosing spondilitis,etc diseases where pathological changes at advance level,why not reversed.

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