41yrs/F, these kind of mild itchy lesions on forehead, both elbows N Rt leg for last 3mnts--- D/D



Dr. Dhara No doubt It could be PSORIASIS. Here see the classical picture Erythematosus based well defined lesion near hair bed at hair receding area. Silvery scales with erythema red colour tinge on extensors with mild itch Associated with nail changes and joint pains. DD are Numular ECZEMA TINEA corporis and fasciei PITRYIASIS rubra pilaris Micosis

Yes--- It's a case of PSORIASIS

Thanks sir

Papulosquamous lesion forehead. R/o SCLE D/d Psoriasis

Bumpy plaque on forhead, rest are flaky..... D/d- Psoriasis



La soriasis

Psoriasis.. Proper hygiene, olive oil for moisturising

Allergic dermatitis

Conatct dermatitis D/d psoriasis

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