42 y/F c/o severe ankle pain. More than 6month. Note able to stand specially in morning time.delverved 2 child -FTND. Taken pain killer and steriods but not subsidise Please advise diagnosis, treatment and investigation for better prognosis No tenderness swelling, n/h/o trauma



It's Plantar faciatis and may be calcaneal spur but it's cure from physiotherapy Home advice ::::Freez the ice bottle and keep under the foot then role it for many time as much as u can And physio treatment is must US therapy and hot fermentation like saline water, after that ankle glides and friction massage its helps to decrease the pain or incrasing the motion of joint and able to walk..

This condition is know as Vat kantak 1. Avoid purin rich diet 2. Planty of drinking water 3.yog raj guggul 1 tab tds 4. Chander prabha vati 1 tab tds 5. Vat gajankush ras+praval pisti+sing naad guggul +aswagandha morning and evening 6. Local application of maha vishgarbh tail

Thanks Dr

pain in morning may b due to planter fascitis (heel pain)plz rule out calcaneal spur (xray ankle).RA/OA ankle (ch.inflammatory ).. and gouty arthritis may also cause pain n swelling of ankle.also rule out hypothyroidism.

post heel bump seen in pic.may get inflammed (inflammed retrocalcaneal bursitis)causing ankle pain.

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Dry needling to calf muscles and foot muscles. Plantar fascia stretch and Mulligan mobilisation of talocrural joint to increase dorsiflexion arthrokinematics.

Xray needed Can be calcaneal spur NSAIDS ND locally ultrasound Soft heel pads.no bear feet walking SOS steroid injection

Xray the ankle . Rule out oa or calcaneal spur review

Plantar vault. taping can make her alright

X-ray heel to rule out calcaneal spur

ultrasound continue for 7 days

X Ray ankle and Heel.

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