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42 Y Female H/o HYPOTHYROIDISM WITH HTN BP: 160/100 HR: 76 TST PERFORMED T3 70 T4 6.81 TSH 24 CBC PERFORMED NEUTROPHILS 71 OTHER NORMAL HEMOGLOBIN 11.2 MCV 76 PCV 33% Lipid Profile Test CHOLESTEROL 240 LDL 183 Please Suggest Management ?

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She On Atorvastatin 10mg Thyronorm 100mcg ACEI 25mg

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High cholesterol and high LDL- Atorvastatin 10 mg once daily at night time HIGH TSH - Thyroxin 25 microgram once a day in morning before food

She On ThyroNorm 75mcg

Tab Thyronorm 112.5 mcg OD before breakfast for 6 weeks and repeat TFT. Tab Lozaar 25 mg BD after meals for 4 weeks, recheck BP. Repeat fasting lipid panel after 6 weeks of thyroxine replacement and then decide whether to add a statin, better when TSH gets under reference level.

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Hypothyroidism with HTN with high lipid profile

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Present complaints??

Sweating , HTN & Weakness

She On Atorvastatin 10mg Thyronorm 100mcg ACEI 25mg

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