42 year old farmer presents to the wound care center with the wounds pictured. Patient does not recall how or why it might have started, just knows it has been expanding/getting worse. Any idea what it could be?



Pyoderma Gangreenosum Look for Diabetes status? Vasculitis Routine investigations Debridement and dressings Limb elevation Good antibiotic cover Maintain hydration Close monitoring...

I agree with Dr R K Singh

1. Pyoderma gangrenosum. 2. Vasculitis

Typical site for venous ulcer. Need a CDFI to look for Varicose/venous insufficiency. Rule out DM or any other immunocompromised state.

It's venues ulcerative wash with neempatrak quath daily, Apply Mahamarich yadi tail, Rasmanik 10 GM louhbhasm 10 GM Giloysatva20 GM Kuktandav bhasma10 mixed N 300 mg BD , Mahamanjitharist 30 ml with warm water is helpful sir.

Pyoderma Gangrenosum rule out DM thorough wound debridment send send samples for HPE & C/S

As the pt is farmer, may be insect bites or allergic dermatitis due to chronic scratching ulceration.progressive Wound material for culture sensitivity. Papain ointment, megaheal.ointment. Clindamycin capsules 300 mg b d for a week Tan bandyplus. Once a day for 5 days. Diagnosis allergic dermatitis,also can be there.as there is a redness surrounding ulcer.

Is the pt very obese has he any vvs, any diabetes. Looks like vericose ulcer. It will take years to heal.

Vasculitis Pyoderma gagrenosum

Its venous ulcer. Rule out with Doppler study. Need plastic surgery for early recovery

This is scrofuloderma Cutaneous tuberculosis Sloping edges Do TB pcr

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