11yr old boy with h/o itching in the scalp followed by falling of hair for the d past 2month... ∆??? management????

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Flaky lessons on Neck N Scalp--- D/D: - ALOPECIA AREATA, associated with SEBORRHEIC DERMATITIS D/D: SEBORRHEIC DERMATITIS, Aggravating MADAROSIS--- Treatment as per Protocol---
Alopecia flakey Tinea capitis
R/o Psoriasis D/d T.Capitis
Ok sir... thank you sir..

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Seborroic dermatitis
Seborrhoeic dermatitis leading to hair fall and alopecia. 1. Kz shampoo daily for 1mth. 2. Avoid oils and soaps to scalp 3. Mild steroid + clotrimazole cream appl twice daily. 4.. levocetrizine 5mg OD if itching is present. 5. Review after 1mth.
T.capitis Selenium sulphide shampoo twice weekly for 8 wks Oral antifungal for 4 wks Review after 4 wks Give biotin tab
@Dr. Leo Clington A - alopecia areata
Seborrheic dermatitis associated with alopecia areata.
Seborrhoeic dermatitis Alopecia
Alopecia areata T. Capitis
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