please suggest treatment... ivermectin 2 dose effect

Autohemotherapy ,2ml blood of this animal taken and inject I/m. for3days , ini Doramac (doramectin) given 1ml/50 kg for 3days , inj vitacept(ADE) 10ml I/m one day interval for five times ,
thanku sir sulpher in musterd oil 2 treatment .no effect otc la ....2 treatment 7 day interval
Give doramectin and spray with mild solution of cypermethrine
Zink supplement with the vit A can be given
Inj Dectomax & Inj Intavita will be better
Yes, it's deficient Zn. Supplement vit A
Ivermectin inj 5ml
Auto blood 3 times with Lat
Drs what was that condition