Homoeopathy remedy in hypertension...

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Rauvolfia Serp
Hypochondrisis introduction- It is a type of mental illness. Even if the patient suffering from this disease does not have any disease, he thinks that I am sick and I have a terrible disease, because of this imagination, his health gets deteriorated. Due to this type of negative thinking, he keeps up mental illness and remains unhappy. This type of negative thinking or imagination is called illusion of disease. Symptoms :- There are many other symptoms in the patient suffering from this disease like- flatulence, constipation, demonic hunger, and never hunger etc. The patient thinks that he has got some chronic disease or some other terrible disease. He keeps thinking about the disease again and again, due to which the heartbeat of his heart starts beating irregularly and thin diarrhea also starts. After having such symptoms, he has complete confidence that I have suffered some terrible disease. reason :- It is caused by negative imagination by reading an event, laziness, luxury, any type of defect in the liver and symptoms of difficult diseases in the books of medicine. Nux-vomica- If delusions have arisen due to any chronic disease, then Nux-vomica can be used to cure it. Ignacia- If there is confusion of any type of disease due to gum or loss of money due to the death of a relative or affectionate person, 3 potency of Ignacia drug to remove this confusion. It is beneficial to use. Aurum-mur- Due to heat disease, if there is confusion of the disease and there is a desire to commit suicide, then Aram-mur 3x should be used to cure such patient. Platina- If the confusion of the disease is caused due to defect in their womb, then using Platina drug is beneficial to cure this disease. Konayam- In case of sexual intercourse, if a woman is afraid of the male's sense (sex) and does not wish to be with men, then to overcome this fear, 3 potency of Konayam drug should be taken. . Ars- The patient is feeling more weakness in the body with the illusion of the disease and is unable to do any work, pain is present with burning sensation all over the body, tongue is red and feeling more thirsty. So, in this condition of the patient, using Ars 3 to get treatment is beneficial. Hyoscyamus- If a patient keeps on minding on the same subject, like- the patient always thinks that I have suffered from heat or some other untreated disease. 3 potency of Hyoscyamus drug should be used to cure the disease of such patient. Valeriana- If the patient has illusion of the disease, he should have great feeling, excitement, neurological weakness, lack of sleep and mental illness, then to cure the disease of the patient suffering from such symptoms, Valerianna Drugs can be used.
Constitutional best mam... Along with u can prescribe rauwolfia Q it may give best result
Rx-Rauvolfia Q Ars alb Nux Hyosymus Ignatia ,etc
Rauvolfia Q is best remedy

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