43 / m pain and black coloration at above lt ankle region, no d.m no htn occupation :D-mart worker



Get a color doppler It apoears a Venous Ulcer Prepare the wound with ASD with eusol and take your plastics surgery colleague's help for its resurfacing

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Veinous ulcer.Color Doppler study of vascular system.ASD,Inj TT & ref the pt

? Venous ulcer Colour Doppler study With Experts opinion

Film is given in snap

Venous ulcer. Same as adviced above. Colour doppler. If venous insufficiency then closure of insufficiency Prepare the wound. Cover with flap.

Venous ulcer Colour Doppler Dressing Elevate SSG Ligations of incompetent perforators Compression garments Avoid long standing

Venus Ulcer it manage by higher anyi biotics Linzomed inj and effusion both dressing and crap bandage

Venous ulcer with dermatitis, venous Doppler study, Daily dressing with paraffin gauze, antibiotics,analgesic, vit-C, limb levation...

Looks like venous ulcer. Do Colour doppl6

Varicose ulcer. Doppler study may need surgery for varicose veins. Till then elastic crepe bandage should be used

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