43years female patient k/c/o dm presented with pain in rt hypochondriac region vomiting 2episode in one year two times usg done same report kibdly help in further managment



As diabetics are more prone to recurrent pancreatitis, so bulky fatty pancreas is explained. Hepatomegaly and fatty liver is the cause of pain in RHC due to stretching of liver capsule. Investigations adviced 1 L.F.T.2 S. Amylase. 3 S. Lipid profile. 4 CECT abdomen. Treatment. 1Ursodeoxycholic acid 300mg BD for 1 month. 2 Cap Pan lipase BD for 1 month. 3 Tab Rosuvastatin 5 mg O.D for 1 month.

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Fatty liver pancreas rif tenderness CT abdomen contrast or barium rif fibroscan for liver mrcp for pancreas

probably the rt hypochondriac pain is due to stretching of liver capsule due to fatty infiltration.. and deranged lipid metabolism due to DM...so lipid profile test, blood sugar fasting and pp, glycosylated hemoglobin to be estimated...followed by proper management of DM and hyperlipidemia.. can provide some benefit for her

Cholecystitis.. Mainly..DD..appendicitis.. Amoebic colitis

Sir had it been the pain of capsule stretch it would have been constant not episodic, since pain is in rt hypo so appendicitis doesn't stand a chance, thing to note is bulky pancreas, for which ct should be done n amylase levels, could be renal concretions, so specicify kub in your ct demand, sir I would suggest putting her on ppi and prokinectic combo like rabicip l, also get a urine routine done with ketone and monitor sugar levels closely during such episodes

For dx go for cbc serum amylase. hcrt to exclude pancreatic pathology. pseudocyst of pancreas. .

rt hypochodriac pain could b due to enlarged liver..get cbc, amylase/lipase ,lft n lipid profile done...tab ursodeoxycholic 300 mg bd with symptomatic trtmnt should suffice..

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is he alcoholic? Go for LFT and AMYLASE it will clear more

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