43yr female ,h/o hard swelling over plantar aspect of left MTP joint of left great toe since 5 years, concerned about mild pain and disfigurement, she gives h/o acute redness,swelling,raised local temperature 5 years back .Treated as gout by ayush practitioner, x rays for your opinion ,lab work up awaited


It appears to be a benign tumor, arising from bone, more likely to be Osteochondroma or Chondromyxoid Fibroma. However, treatment is essentially excision and histopathological examination, if causing troubling symptoms.

Tophaseous gout with secondary OA possible inflamation of adventitious bursa. Check uric acid. Excise the bursa and osteophytes.

Uric acid normal

That need to be excised like a bunion Check uric acid levels If normal, consider as calcified bursa

Exostosis.advice Excion Biopsy.

Diabetic callus/foot corn

Non DM

Exostosis. Advised excision biopsy

Xay shows tophys around mtp joint. So it is Gout. Start physiotherapy ,anti gout drug and analgesic drug after lab report.

Better to get an biopsy



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