43yr male having headache for 6 hrs. bp 210/120 .2 inj lasix given. bp now 190/110.rft lipid profile normal. slight rise in lft.following his ECG

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ECG. Sinus tachycardia. HR 130bpm LAD. PR interval is depressed in |||, AVR with ST Elevated in AVR . ST concave elevated in V1 -V2 PERICARDITIS WITH LATRAL WALL ISCHEMIA.. DO 2D.ECHO.AND TROPNIN. CXR

Imagree with Dr D Dholariya

P pulmonale LVH with strain S.tachycardia St depression with T wave inversion in v4 to v6 Ecg changes may be due to htn Don't give nore lasix give B blocker ,Do serial ecg Echo should be to ruled out structural heart dieases

Sinus Tachycardia LAD Lateral wall Ischaemia Advice : ECHO, Trop T /I, CT Scan of Brain

Heart rate around 130 bpm, lad, Lvh with strain pattern. Echo would reveal Lvh. Long standing undetected Hypertension leading to Lvh.

LVH with RAH

Sinus Tachycardia. LAD. Biventricular hypertrophy with strain.

Rule out CVA N CAD.Hrad ache can be due to CVA or acc htn.Buy cardiac cause evidence also is there.so CT BRAIN N 2D ECHO ARE BASIC TESTS.Then plan for further mx

Sinus tachycardia,LAD,Rt Atrial enlargement,lvh with strain.


Calsigard 10mg capsul in the mouth and below the tounge and Rl dreep slow not dns Inj Dalcinex 300.i/v with 100ml ns Inj tazar4.5mg Mikacin500 Inj pantop40 Inj aciloc Laxis inj in the dreep 1amp

Judicious use of antihypertensives, reduce bp slowly and steadily, use centrally acting drugs also

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