44 years male comolaints of lesions on both lower legs and right arm...lesions are raised purple coloured itchy progressive in nature..it starts as small papule then progress...is it lichen planus???



lichenoid eczema


Eczematous dermatitis

discoid eczema

Taenia CORPORIS Cap itraconazole 100 mg BD-4-6wk Clotrimazole oint KETACONAZOLE soap

doesnot look like tinea doc saab


Lichen planus

I am an Immunotherapist dealing with Asthma Rhinitis Urticaria Eczema and other allergies ; plus I am an ENT surgeon. I treat such cases as Eczema. Allergography(I use MPTmethod) identifies the allergens. Then Desensitization (Sub Lingual Immuno Therapy _ SLIT) is started I avoid topical steroids over large areas like this. Soothing applications are enough

DD : Psoriasis vulgaris

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