44 yr old gentleman with pleural effusion. ANA 3+.




LE cells Lupus Erythematosus cells - Neutrophils and Macrophages seen containing engulfed homoegenous eosinophilic nuclear material; seen in cases of SLE( their absence does not rule out SLE) and Rheumatoid arthritis and other connective tissue disorders They need to be distinguished from Tart cells - they are neutrophils or macrophages containing engulfed nuclear material with preservation of chromatin details- These hold no diagnostic significance

Pleural fluid with LE cells. S/O CTD, possibly SLE. Correlate clinically & with complete collagen profile data.

LE cell

LE cell

LE cell

LE cell is a neutrophil or macrophage that has phagocytized the denatured nuclear material of another cell.


LE cell phenomena

LE cell

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