44 yrs female c/o sudden bursting heada he b.p.120/80 occasionally specially aggraveting in evening.hb 7 b 12 more than usual as per report.kindly tell consequences of excessive b12 with anemia.



need to more investigate........go for SGOT nd SGPT levels bcz increased vit b12 level is very rare......nly in few conditions vit b12 increases..... 1. hepatic diseases such as cirrhosis or hepatitis 2.myeloproliferative disorders like polycythemia vera or chronic myelocytic leukemia.

the cause of headache is low Hb(anaemia),,which might be aggrevated by stres ,either mental or physical,,,,tor he other part blood report ,look towards the history of unjustified supplemetation vit b12 ,very recently .Advise peripheral smear for eastablishing type of anaemia ,and treat it accordingly. simultaneously the other cause for the rise in vit b12 should be ruled out,vit b12 is water solouble its excessive amount excreated through urine ,report should also b crossed cheke

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In this case treatment history is should take properly.. then cross check the blood report in other lab along with iron binding capacity and LFT gives you the clue for increased Vit B 12 and anemia. Still more proper History is needed for prescription.

in this report vit B12 is not mentioned anywhere & it has been found that vit B 12 is necessary in Anaemic conditions so as to facilitate absorption of iron in the gut so the cause is well known of Anaemia &without delay should get iron supplement

Overdose Effects. Some of the symptoms of vitamin B12 overdose include itchiness on different body parts and numbness, improper heart functioning, giddiness and regular headaches.

Firstly take proper case with reaction of patient about illness. Then select constitutional medicine with proper potency. I think Nux vom but don't forget to make totality.

anemia can be treated by diet iron inj or oral supplement ask her about gastric problm she must have acidpeptic disease due to this headache must complain by pt

Belladonna 30 during headache, give one dose sulphur 200 when she is normal and give ferrum met 3x ,calcarea phos 12 x daily for long period to improve HB%

first ask patn.is she going to menopuse stage or not.sum sudden symptoms realeted to this.at this age

Give her nat mur 200 with protein powder see for cer spondilosis.

it may not b due to anemia...may b migraine

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