85 y male with disorientation Haemodynamically stable , came sleeping on stretcher but arousable and cooperative . ABC WNL . Disorientation since last 2 days progressive in nature . As per his wife he is more forgetful . He tripped and fell in bathroom two days back . Complained of headache at that time very mild in nature . No LOC / mid frontal headache complaints without radiation . This is worst headache he had in comparison to previous headaches he had in past . Known hypertensive / hypercholesterolemia . EKG / CXR done . Management ?


Subdural hematoma . Can occur after minor head trauma in elderly patients and worsening mental status or even focal neurological complaints . There are many processes which can cause confusion in elderly - rapid assessment of blood glucose level EKG / and proper history is key steps to early management .
Completely agree with Dr. Neeraj one must file out SDH with this back ground.

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CT s/o Case of SAH which causes sudden fall down due to giddiness.x ray n ECG are relatively normal. Neurosurgeon should intervene the case. U can give IV Mannitol and liq.glycerol The sensorium will improve for sure. Thanks
nsr LAD biphasic t in v4 v5 t inversion in v6 persistent s in v5v6....cxr normal...history is favorable of SDH /SAH which is progressive in nature...another possibility is hyponatremia which can be due to diuretcs given to treat htn....early CT brain is needed
most common things to be considered first. 1 dementia 2 alzeimer's decrease 3 hyponatraemia 4 mri ....neurological conditions hence treatment accordingly. monitoring vitals . reassurance & physiotherapy.
CT brain MRI is the best if available. d/d is subarachnoid hemorrhage or intrapatenchymal hemorrhage or any infection or sundial or extradural hematoma. lastly Alzheimer 's disease or any other dementia
sorry i didn't see the CTscan Its a case of SDH, needs craniotomy&evacuation. intervention bynurosurgeon /expert gen surgeon.
look for electrolyte imbalance and sepsis..ask whether he had accidental fall or whether guidiness preceeded..
CT brain case of cerebral concussion xray nad ECG lbbb ideal CT& mri brain known case of headache
this can be a case of SDH/Cerebral concussion. Needs ct/MRI brain &proceed accordingly
History suggestive of chronic SDH. Check electrolytes. CT scan.
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