45 days old male infant presented with rash treatment

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Topical application with calamine lotion twice a day. Avoid oil massages to the body. Hydroxizine 2mg / kg / day in three divided doses

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Measles, antibiotic, hygiene, antoxidants, symptomatic treatment, if measles vaccine not taken, proceed to it.

Calosoft skin lotion locally. Hydroxyzine 2 mg/kg/day.

Contact dermatitis. Avoid Message ie.Mustard oil No Telcom powder. Simplecoco it oil application.

Viral exanthemata

Anti allergic

Levocet drops Calamine lotion followed by mild steroid cream. Maintain nutrition hydration and hygiene.

Topical exanthema ..Give antiallergic. Tab and local

Atarax drop Syp cefadroxyl cv 125mg Zole F cream for LA x 3 day Calamine lotion

Thanks you Dr shital J
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