45 y.o. Female presented with complaint of back pain and numbness in the lower limbs. H/o breast cancer (complete treatment). What is the finding and Dx?

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compression of spinals cord due to d11 to d12.

Intramedulary metastasi at T9 to T11 level also T10 and T12 vertebral pbody metastasis seen

Secondaries in D- 10-11.

met to vertebral column...advise RT 20 Gy @ 5 # or single # 8 Gy

compressive myelopathy so start pulse therapy of steroid and consult with neurosurgon after report

get contrast MRI and pet scan, what is neurology? if present then go for dural decompression... looks like extra dural tumor

Hypo intense well defined sol ? Extramural spinal mass at level of d10-11 could be ? Secondaries as known case of ca breast

Secondaries in bone D10-11 Secondaries to dura. Have compressive effect. Urgent decompression needed.

D10-11Intradural extramedullary mass lesion .. can be Mets /Meningioma or schwannoma please get Contrast MRI whole spine and whole body PET CT as part of metastatic work up... This D10-11 lesion needs to excised as soon as possible..

Surgical treatment with Homeopathic Rx for fast recovry

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