45 year male mass bulge out near chest FNAC comment


Plasmacytoid cells, Plasmacytoma?

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Picture looks like malignant lesion. Microscopically also cells are like malignant cell. Most likely epithelial malignancy. Av. Clinical correlation and bx.

Plasmacytoid cells with nuclear pleomorhism moderate to Abundant cytoplasm, inflammation and RBCs......

? Plasmacytoma

Positive for Malignant cells. S/O * Metastatic Carcinomatous Deposits. Advised Excision Biopsy.

Malignant lesion. Probably carcinoma Sug.clinical correlation and biopsy

Suggestive of epithelial malignancy. Adv BIOPSY AND IHC WORK UP

positive for malignancy. possible primary aero digestive tract.

Positive for malignant cells Adv-histopathology and IHC

Metastatic adenocarcinoma DD:Ap ocrine cell carcinoma

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