45 year old alcoholic male who has had episodes of acute pancreatitis in the past, presented with severe abdominal pain and weight loss for last 3 months. CT film attached below. Lets discuss cause and management


Chronic calcific Pancreatitis... Should stop alcohol completely... Also to be started on Pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy..

atrophic pancreas with multiple calcific foci-s/o chronic pancreatitis

chronic pancreatitis due to calcified stones,manage symptomatically and plan surgery

chronic pancreatitis plz.rule out fccp n advice ca 19.9

ask for- serum amylase /blood sugar to r/o dm stop alcohol give analgesics

Chronic pancreatitis with ductal calcification and dilatation with beaded appearance

ch.pancreatitis ,pancreatic enzyme,antibiotic &antianalgesic

pancreatic calcification due to chronic pancreatitis.

Chronic pancreatitis could be secondary to alcohol or gall stones

acute on chronic pancreatitis. treat both endo and exocrine aspects

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