45 year old male presenting with these lesions over both legs n trunk region. history is since 2 days only. No fever. No Drugs taken. No history of DM. what are these lesions called? What might be the cause? How should we approach this patient?



Purpuric rash. Check cell counts, platelets, coagulation profile. R/o autoimmune cause & hematological malignancies.

DDs : Bleeding disorders Vasculitis Allergic rashes Erythema Nodosum Rx : *Steroid *Blood for CBC, CRP, ESR, ASO titre, BT, PT, APTT, HbSag Mantoux Skin Test Biopsy from the lesion

Pupuric rash......thorough investigations are required including PC, PT, aPTT, BT, CT etc... And then proceed toward less common causes..

Its a case of purpuric rash.

Purpura rashes

Purpuric rashes. Many time seen with viral infections and some chemical use.

Purpura likley vasculitic. Look for causes that can point to some specific cause of vasculitis. Also did the patient have a viral program recently ? Medications? Please obtain CBC KFT ANA ANCA ESR/CRP Hep C ab Further testing depending on labs and more history

Purpura dd HSP dd thrombocytopenic purpura CBC BT CT PTT pt INR then decide line of Rx

Perpuric rashes / Systemic vasculitis (?)

Leukocytoclastic vasculitis Biopsy and Direct immunofluorescence should be done to find out the underlying cause. Basic workup with differential blood count, urine analysis and throat swabs should be done. Colchicine and dapsone can be given.

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