45 year old pt with ristricted mouth opening and have ulcer from 6 month



Looks like squamous cell carcinoma. A Biopsy will confirm the diagnosis

Squamous cell carcinoma of the left buccal external surface . * any caries effected teeth in the mandible r maxilla * any history of oral habits . * any smoking ,tobacco ,pan. , jharada chewing habits . * any sublingual lymph adenopathy . * any fever and weight loss due to trismus. the mandibular bone and buccal muscle involved in this ulcer . * odontogenic tumour . * I O P A for clear condition of mandibular bone and maxilla and any cystic changes r any granulomatous growths we can see. *weight loss due to impaired opening of mouth . * definitely there will be huge bone resorption due to cystic changes r granulomatous growths . * without IOPA radiographs the prediction for the above condition is difficult .

Seems squamous cell carcinoma. Biopsy advised.

This is a case of squamous cell carcinoma cheek And this is orocutaneous fistula! Go for biopsy Being a cancerous lesion, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, surgical excision is advised.

Ca cheek. Biopsy of the growth X-ray of the mandible to rule out involvement. Evaluation of the neck glands Radiation therapy followed by hemimandibulectomy and neck dissection

Biopsy from the mass. CECT BOS to T4 for evaluation of extent of disease.

Why are doctors posting obvious cases , this should be a platform for, u want to know management, new drug role in such case or wht is the management ? Wht we shud do with this obvious scc, plz let us know the fate of this patient and how was he managed?

Diagnosi: ca buccal mucosa Biopsy to confirm diagnosis Other investigation CT PNS Treatment: surgery followed by radiotherapy and/ or chemotherapy

1.sq.cell carcinoma 2.biopsy

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