45 yr male report attached kindly suggest management plz complaint of pain abdomen


Acute cholecystitis with CHOLELITHIASIS with obstructive jaundice. May be associated mild pancreatitis. Since S.Bilirubin is high - 8.8 mg / DL. but enzymes SGOT and SGPT are not significantly raised but s.Alkaline phosphatase is significantly raised 1010 indicative of obstructive jaundice. Also distal CBD is not visualised due gas , so a distal calculus may be overlooked. There is some contradictions in report as CBD is not dilated but alkaline phosphatase is significantly raised. Get a CECT abdomen to confirm the diagnosis and if needed after CECT an ERCP. Meanwhile treat conservatively with 10 % dextrose , UDCA , Oral Amoxycillin and wait for jaundice to settle for further treatment

Thank you sir

It's a case of.. Ac.Cholecystitis..with.. Hepatocellular jaundice.. Rx.. Antibiotics as per requirements.. Symptomatic treatment.. Glucose supplement .. IV FLUIDS SOS.. Once the jaundice is recovered..plan.. For..Cholecystectomy with Surgeon's.. opinion..


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Acute Cholecystitis with jaundice Amoxclav CL 625 bd. Multivitamins and antioxidants. Iv fluid , maintain nutrition hydration and hygiene. Needs further investigations and evaluation to conclude diagnosis and line of treatment.

Thanks Dr kute Ankush

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Acute cholecystitis leads to hyperbilurubinemia, UTI with Leucocytosis. Lap. Cholecystectomy Levoflox Cefotaxime Ursodeoxycholic acid Pantaprazole Multivitamins

Thank you dr robin

Acute cholecystitis with icteru Advice S/amylase , s/lipase , HbsAg Axr Rx of udiliv 300 mg bd Tab drotin M bd Tab hepamarz 150 mg Tab silybon 70 mg od Tab pan D Tab multivit plus , antibiotic Plan for sx

Acute cholecystitis with cholelithiasis and jaundice Adv EUS with ERCP Amylase , lipase CT BT PT INR creat Conservative treatment till acute phase Subside Sx & further management as per report


Ac calculus cholecystitis with hepatocellular jaundice. Conservative treatment till jaundice subsides followed by cholecystectomy. Antibiotics is to be used along with other supportive treatment. PT/INR test to be done.

Thank you dr amiya

Looks like obstructive jaundice First ERCP THEN LAP CHOLECYSTECTOMY

Ac chocystities do symptamatical treatment for gall blder stone if requied again symptoms occired then do chosectomy

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