45 yr old female , Tsh-0.03 T3&T4 -Normal Should we start any antithyroid drug?

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T3 and T4 is normal but TSH is low Adv Please do Free T3 and Free T4 - If high Free T3 and Free T4 then start on Antithyroid medication If normal Free T3 and T4 then Please do thyroid scan 2 D Echo Dexa scan to test osteoporosis If thyroid scan shows increased update, or 2 D Echo shows decreased ejection fraction or Dexa scan shows osteoporosis then start on Antithyroid medication If all above test are normal then it is truly asymptomatic harmless subclinical hyperthyroidism - In such case, keep patient under observation and do periodic check to look for manifestation of overt symptomatic hyperthyroidism


Tnx &wc Dr Ashok Verma

If symptomatic patient, definitely can start antithyroid drugs. Otherwise can repeat ft3 ft4 TSH after 6 weeks.

Wait for 2 months and repeat again. Order Anti TPO with out fail.

I don't find any reason to start with

Thanks Dr.kute Ankush, Dr. Ashok Verma, Dr. Pushker Bhomia, Dr.Dinesh Gupta

No sir wait & watch get thyroid profile done after one month then assess

ageee with@Kute Ankush @Sandeep Ghodekar Rx Bramhi ghanvati 2bd Galo ghan tab 1bd Kanchnar guggul 2bd Jalandhar bandh pranayam useful.

levothyroxine.once a day

No sir

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