45 yr old female , Tsh-0.03 T3&T4 -Normal Should we start any antithyroid drug?

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Wait for 2 months and repeat again. Order Anti TPO with out fail.

T3 and T4 is normal but TSH is low Adv Please do Free T3 and Free T4 - If high Free T3 and Free T4 then start on Antithyroid medication If normal Free T3 and T4 then Please do thyroid scan 2 D Echo Dexa scan to test osteoporosis If thyroid scan shows increased update, or 2 D Echo shows decreased ejection fraction or Dexa scan shows osteoporosis then start on Antithyroid medication If all above test are normal then it is truly asymptomatic harmless subclinical hyperthyroidism - In such case, keep patient under observation and do periodic check to look for manifestation of overt symptomatic hyperthyroidism

levothyroxine.once a day

I don't find any reason to start with

Thanks Dr.kute Ankush, Dr. Ashok Verma, Dr. Pushker Bhomia, Dr.Dinesh Gupta

No sir wait & watch get thyroid profile done after one month then assess

No sir

ageee with@Kute Ankush @Sandeep Ghodekar Rx Bramhi ghanvati 2bd Galo ghan tab 1bd Kanchnar guggul 2bd Jalandhar bandh pranayam useful.

If symptomatic patient, definitely can start antithyroid drugs. Otherwise can repeat ft3 ft4 TSH after 6 weeks.


Tnx &wc Dr Ashok Verma

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