45 yr old male h/ o rash since 2 years more in rainy season .. aggravating on contact wth mud as patoent is. farmer h/ o impotence since 2 years frotjy urine ... wat is d/d and management in OP

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Chronic eczematous dermatitis with impotency. Rx : For dermatitis : 1. Oint Clobetasol twice daily applications with Salicylic acid & Moisturer. 2. Avoid prolonged contact with mud water. For impotency : 1. Take h/o early morning erection, Known DM or other illness, past spinal injury. 2 R/O systemic illness doing ECG, Routine blood, Urea, Creatinine, TSH, FBS etc 3. R/O hyperprolactinemia advising blood for prolactin and also advise free testosterone level, semen analysis. 4. If no causes found then treat as psychogenic. Advice fluoxetine or paroxetine for 4-6 weeks. Better to take opinion of a psychiatrist and an endocrinologist.

Is chronic eczema and impotency are interrelated?

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Atopic dermatitis/ Eczema with impotency In Atopic dermatitis cases inflammation of the disease which may affect the blood vessels and the skin which is found to be a cause of Impotency

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Contact Dermetitis...for impotence do further lab tests to rule out cause

Ezematous dermatitis with sec infection


Eczematus Dermatitis

Eczematous dermatitis Cetirizine Zocon Baclate

Eczematus contact dermatitis

Eczematus Dermatitis?

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