45 yr old male pt having small painless soft mass on anterior gingiva help me with diagnosis and treatment

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Refer to a dentist. Advice an xray, oral prophylaxis. Restorations of multiple tooth. To avoid same. Diagnosis to be Chronic periapical abscess. With sinus tract Treatment To be treated with RCT and crown

Thanq sir


Kindly Upload radiographic film (PA) to confirm Dx DD : periapical abscesse

Dear Rajesh it's periapical abcess ....please send the patient to a qualified dental surgeon....he shall start with endo treatment.... patient shall be fine

Advice IOPA first..most likely to be abscess..drain the pus and advice RCT for the respective teeth..Dont obturate immediately..keep the patient on antibiotics..1-2 weeks intracanal medicament till the lesion subsides radiographically

Thanq sir

Dental abscess .....needs an endo and /may be a perio treatment as well

Looks like abcess. Advice iopa. Give taxim 1gm injection followed by voveran injection. Once swelling subsides restore the tooth.

Advice IOPAR irt 33 34 & 35..Most likely to be abscess drain the pus..Advice rct and give intracanal medicament and open dressing to drain pus..Keep pt.on antibiotics and pain killer..After completing rct advice crown..

Periapical abscess

Periapical infection. Also pt has severe attrition , his teeth must be restored.

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