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45 yrs female non diabetic and post menopausal having weakness and wasting of palmar muscles of right palm. Hypothyroid on thyroid 50mcg. Power of flexor of wrist and metacarpo challenges joints decreased.Grip power reduced.Tingling and night cries present.Give us valuable opinion.

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patient had weakness of hand alone(Only hand) and wasting of small muscles from childhood. Reflexes biceps, triceps and brachio radial are normal. No other neurological symptoms. Patient had come for UTI and this lesion was observed by me.Some times she had tingling and pain in the wrist.

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This pt needs good neurological evaluation. She has wasting of small muscles of hand with wasting of dorsal interossei with clawing of fingers. THIS IS NOT CARPEL TUNNEL SYNDROME.Ref to neurologist

Wasting of Thenar , hypothenar ,dorsal and palmar interossei muscle in only right hand mostly because of spinal origin(Myelopathy) Brachial plexus Or other lower motor neuron lesion.Need Neurologist opinion

Severe wasting of small muscles of hands. Associated night cries? Associated tingling? Reflexes?? Sensory signs? Unlikely to be CTS. Needs further information on detailed history and examination.

Wasting of thenar muscles ,so median nerve involved Wasting of other small muscles of hand, so ulnar nerve involved If other limbs and spine are okay, nerve conduction study as the next step

It's a case of.. Carpel tunnel syndrome.. Better to go for.. EMG.. NCV.. Neurologist's..opinion..


Carpal tunnel syndrome Need to check for phalens test and tinsel sign...

maybe carpal tunnel syndrome hand drop need physiotherapy

CTS Decompression of median Nv operation

Carpel tunnel syndrome.

carpel tunnel syndrome

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