45 yrs old female presents with breathlessness on exertion, cough 2 months duration not a known diabetic or hypertensive, 2 yrs before she was diagnosed as a case of leiomyosarcoma heart and operated , and she is a known case of b/l bronchiectasis. herewith I enclosed recent cxr, old cxr, old CT chest picture how could proceed now?

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Sternal sutures present. A large cardiac mass projecting from left cardiac border. Both lung fields are clear..

Thank you sir

As compared to pre op CXR and CT, there is gross enlargement of previous lesion. Likely recurrence of ? Old pathology of Leomyosarcoma. Please get HRCT for confirmation, then proceed for surgical management.

Strnal sutures presnt.

A large mass is projecting from the cardiac region

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LLZ PNEUMONITIS with d heart lesion.

Recurrence of the old pathology?

Metastatic / recurrence needs repeat CT


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