What is breast milk jaundice and breast feeding jaundice?

Breast milk jaundice refers to presence of certain compounds in milk that have beta-glucoronidase activity..they deconjugate the conjugated bilirubin in intestine and increase their enterohepatic circulation thus causing jaundice ..Babies with these type of jaundice are usually well fed and have no signs of dehydration on clinical examination..This type of jaundice tends to run in families.. Breastfeeding jaundice refers to reduced clearance of unconjugated bilirubin from the intestine so that they get absorbed by enterohepatic circulation..Milk dissolves the bilirubin and makes them unable to get absorbed back .. lactation failure due to any cause causes bilirubin to get absorbed back without any prblm and jaundice results..clinically u would find such a child to be dehydrated and it doesn't run in families Hope it helps!
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Breast milk jaundice can be differentiated from breast feeding jaundice as this is due to feeding insufficient amount of milk Breast milk jaundice last for3to 12wks
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