Growing lesion in the right posterior maxilla

A 65-year-old female for growing lesion in the right posterior maxilla. The lesion had been present for 5-6 months. She described a roughly eight-year history of painful would that subside on their own after a few days. But now this lesion did not heal at its own. She described dull pain, and there was a loose molar tooth. The area was unsuccessfully treated with antibiotics. She reported no paresthesia. Diagnosis? Treatment?


Please elaborate c/f wrt 17 16 ,pts medical history and radiographic examination. Looks like ANUG start with amclaid,metrogyl,lycomox,hexigel,CHX mouth wash. After 1 week commence with Oral prophylaxis, extraction wrt 17 depending upon clinical examination (poor prognosis) ,evaluate crown margins wrt 16.Adv biopsy if lesion does not subside 4weeks after incipient treatment.
Any ulcer which dont heal in 3 weeks needs biopsy
Take OPG
Could you please share radiographs and better clinical view
Adv iopa and opg for changes

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