45m kco copd controlled dm C/o rt sided chest pain feverishness Since 2 -3 days hb 12 tlc 11500 platelets 84000 dengue ns1 negative hiv nonreactive



Right hilar prominence , chest pain may or may not be related to this . Better to rule out malignancy with concrast ct chest

right hilar prominence advise hrct contrast to rule out malignancy or infective etiology

rt midzone pneumonitis

sputum c/s and afb needed

Rt mid zone consolidation. Treat for CAP

Right hilar enlargement with hump on right diaphragm rule out pulmonary embolism

Right perihilar consolidation / lymphadenopathy - ? Infective / ? Neoplastic

Pulmonary koch's right with mitral stenosis, advised platelet infusion, AKT & cardiac profile.

polmonary embolism to be ruled out rt hilar prominence

Right hilar prominence with ?mass.Advised HRCT.

better CECT than hrct

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Rt lung hilar prominence, consolidation. do cect chest to confirm n rule out neoplastic etiology.

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